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They always have a song on their minds and lips.

Sarah and Julia are the duo Sajul and perform on stage for five years now, whether it be weddings, birthday parties, in pubs or at performing arts festivals.

How can you define their music?
They don’t want to register to any particular style. Current chart music with rock and pop combine with classics and even own songs.

Sajul [Saʂul] is a combination of the names SArah and JULia.

The two sisters began their “career” as singers practicing their tunes in their hometown of Assamstadt (Baden Württemberg/ Germany).

Once people told them about how great their voices and talent charm in with each other, they began to perform for those that love to listen to them.

In July 2016 they published their debut album "Our Way" with 13 self composed songs.

Music is for them the greatest pastime in the world!


SarahSarah is already 23, finished High school and studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Ansbach. Currently she's doing her Master degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

She has always dreamed about and planned to perform on stage one day.

She has already gained valuable experience when winning the “
Musical Fieber” casting in 2009, giving her the chance to join a cast of real musical stars and to perform with them.

After that she had vocal coaching for a few years and learned the guitar by herself. Furthermore she's playing E-Bass and Cajon at their gigs.

As a student in Bad Mergentheim she had her own band called
Evil Cupcakes”, where she gained stage experience along with three tough boys on stage, but also in the studio, where they recorded their first CD together.

Christmas 2014 Sarah has started to teach herself to play the piano.

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JuliaJulia, only 17, with her voice is second to none.

Already as a small child she fascinated relatives and friends with her unique voice.

At "
The Voice Kids" 2013 she already performed in front of a renowned jury and made it up to the blind auditions (top 70).

During her middle school time (2011-2017) she also sang in the choir of the 'Kopernikus Realschule', Bad Mergentheim, with which she had annual performances and her own solos.

She took guitar lessons from 2010 to 2015 and started to teach herself the piano in December 2014.

2016 she got 3 YES at the Casting Show "Das Supertalent".
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